Friday, January 14, 2011

yesterday was great

someone said that there is no point to talk and share about their past, but who cares. Hey there no tomorrow if something not happen yesterday. when you fall you will learn. it all on your past either you want to be a success or whatever.

and my yesterday was great. huh.. Is it true im best bowler??? .haha.. no point la. That will never happen if you just seat at the back and cheer for you friends. thanks to Fiqri for great Bowling tournament . berjaya jugak dikau mengumpulkan all eleven classes and  yang pasti semalam memang havoc gileq.

my clicks and me..haha even x dapat position but kami menang category class paling kecoh

did he think he hot..oh my..
the best bowler is on my hand dont you ever think -nadia
this is Team tadi... just can make it to final round
aizad a.k.a muniandi and back jiji a.k.a azroy

the pink one is raimi a.k.a karam..haha
after hits the pins nadia look like want to dance haha..
hey who is she..?? dats me..look awesomeness trouble tired.. wth..haha
end bowling,chill and lepaking at ayam penyet. whyy.?? of coz la lapar after dat going craziee wiff karoking then balik with crazy tired.

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budak membebel ouchhh..


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