Tuesday, May 31, 2011

gloomy comes around

make me say duhh everyday
i dont know what to do
hommie all the time...why..why..why
wyh ive nothin to do..
but i stil dont want to find job now hahaha [gile la kau,ingat senang ke cari keje]

then what u expect me to do..
tido.? sorry la x de pekdah..
surf..stil then boring
huarghhh... but it's okay let me think what to do
by then.. amigoss..

nota kaki lawan tangan : handsome ?? haha..ini pun satu keje jugak kan..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

tea on evening

there's  no time break rite now.
been busier than before, everywhere and everytime
ive seen people with book at every corner as my eye can see
space out.. herm it should be delete in memory for a while
dis is my final before my reality comin thru
ohh god.. why dis final exam feelin dis kinda pressure..
lying on my bed with my books,look miserable , thinkin what will happen in da future..
arghhh bother me so much
what happen, just go with de flow
feel with no regret im sure wil happy

listen to dis song make me happy.. decrease my horrified time to great
i don care.. i do love dis song..make me dance when evrtime i listen to
haha so sad when them make specular.. music is universal..
i do support in what evr music i feel great to listen
love music.. just be urself, hate copycats
love cn blue.. love me myself..just then see ya..!!


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