Saturday, April 16, 2011

dress up call feat model

first i came up with decision not to take part
then she and them keep tellin me to
insisting that my name was confirmed
setting up our table mate with rush dead time
offended yeah but then feel like this is the last before part
kind like hell yeay why not im just comin,seat there having chat and eat
just enjoy that nite, this is not somethin that you may repeat again at future at least not with the same person
part that i hate the most when all has been decided, what color to choose, and what we need a hat
the theme was sky blue and white hat
but i extremely look stupid if i put the hat on my top.. haha
its not that im saying that if u wear hijab u cant be fashionable, that just because cant find one that suit well
but if u confident it'll look fit gorgeous into you
but me myself just dont care what i should wear on, i found blue plain dress, that enough for me.
that nite called MPG- Malam pra Graduan but for me it turn to malam paling goliejoss.haha.. stand like it cool
who care.. this is for final year student from my faculty FSPU before we graduate and face the real world.

next is my project model, our construction technology for this semester is more to marine structure, we have to present our model as our coursework. a group of 5 has to take part. we proud  for what we had. each group do excellent jobs, excited in presenting model and to compete among other to get the best model and the best presenter. yet, our group is the simplest one,still we can win the best model, so surprised. so enjoy the shoot.

above, is my group model called cofferdam and caisson, this kind construction used for dewatering work before construction can be done, cofferdam use at shallow while caisson at deep depth like sea.

 next is jetty and port, such cute model ya and below are beach nourishment

then below is retaining structure consist of retaining wall, mattres along river

 then above is jacket platform kind offshore structure

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