Thursday, March 31, 2011

the peak hr that i miss

me with my self deconstruction
even bothered with my thoughtful that last
lousy trick , lazy, criticism, despite my self
the moments will describes the pictures never lied 
truth sometime i resist to take part but then 
i just dont want to loose that time
even there i do laugh, cry, smile face
then the taste will not be ordinary
im here not to be at the past,
even with crawling baby 
each step i wont miss it

im back again,  the ideas..?? 
where are u..?
not in the mood.. speechless
3 weeks w.o nothin
no that no true.
yes my blog was alone
now is my starting
to wrote somethin but i dont know
then i just wanna share something i've done w. this 3 weeks

 2nd day @ swing bridge penang

huhu..i just can only watched them

on the 1st day  so bersemangat
 hey the big guitar here

 remind me when i was

 great day wif cool peoples

 to our last site visit @ teluk hot that wyh that place call Bahang kowt ..terikk

great view 

pose @ bukit merah marine viaduct  -double track train

 forgot this place name..

 celebrate our win

 dumping pipe

 haha get ready to destroy it

 okeh this is digging plant

 double track train overhead


 us  @ swing bridge

 lost in mall...haha

 get some asam jeruk back
 teluk bahang dam


 yes.. sorry ogy..

 our team

injured but then okeh..small matter lahh

p/s : look for the panas la here


budak membebel ouchhh..


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